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Consumer Focus

Money to Lend

Your Credit Union has always been there to loan members money for autos, major appliances, or other needs. None of the blunders and misdeeds on Wall Street has changed that.


In fact, now may be a great time to buy a vehicle and finance with your Credit Union. Car dealers are always highly motivated to sell cars in the middle of winter, and our auto loan rates are exceptionally low right now.


Car loans aren’t the only thing we offer. Home equity loans are a great source of funds for major projects such as home remodeling, furnace replacement, or a new roof. For many people, the interest on those loans is tax deductible.


Community Plus Federal Credit Union also makes first mortgages for either purchase or refinance. We have a variety of different options to fit your needs.


We understand that these are difficult times for many. Some people are more worried about keeping a roof over their heads than putting new shingles on one. Your credit union has an Emergency Loan program that loans up to $500 to people with impaired credit in order to meet emergencies.


So don’t let the news reports give you the false impression that loans are not available.  We are still making loans to our members just as we have been doing for over 65 years.