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FLEX Teller is ready day or night!


Access your account on-line by clicking here: Flex Teller

This teller works 24 hours a day for you

You can now access your account over the Internet.  Transfer money between accounts, see your statement history, or download into money management programs* anywhere you have an Internet connection. Community Plus Federal Credit Union is proud to offer a state of the art on-line banking service to our members.

Signing up is easy

To signup just give us a call at (217) 893-8201.  You can also e-mail us with a day-time telephone number at info@CUPLUS.org, and we will call you back. After speaking with you, we will e-mail you a temporary password and you can log on right away. 

Password resets are even easier!

If you forget your password you can now have a temporary password sent to your e-mail address. In order to do this we must set up an e-mail address on Flex Teller. You can even have multiple addresses set up such as one you access at work, one at home, etc. Underneath the log-in box is it says Forgot Password (?). Just click on that and enter your user ID. If we have your e-mail address in there the system will automatically e-mail you a temporary password. We suggest that you contact us by telephone or in person  to verify that we have your correct e-mail address. As always, we will not change this in response to an e-mail from you. Please take the time to do this now, before you are locked out some time when we are not open.

To access Flex Teller, click on the link below.

Flex Teller

Enhanced Security During Log-in

FlexTeller has added another layer of security to the log-in process. You will be given the opportunity to choose three challenge questions during the enrollment process. Then FlexTeller will ask you one of the questions in addition to requiring your account number and password. You can avoid the challenge questions after enrollment by allowing FlexTeller to register your PC. The registration will be good for 90 days, after which the system will ask a challenge question and then allow you to register for another 90 days.

* Current versions of Quicken?/font> require a proprietary file format for downloads into their program. Quicken would charge an extremely expensive licensing fee to us for this. As relatively few members would actually use this feature we are currently not supporting the Quicken download. We encourage members to consider other money management programs that do not require this. Quicken is a registered trademark of Intuit, Inc.

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